Nine Breath Method Circle and Breath Empowerment

9breathWe breathe not only to take in oxygen (as a fuel supply for our bodily processes) and to expell carbon dioxide (the ‘waste’), but our breathing is also an energy exchange with the rest of the world.

Breathe animates our body. It has been said that inhaling and exhaling symbolizes the alternating rhythm of life and death, the manifestation of, and re-absorption back into, the Universe. Many ancient people believed that our breathe is the vehicle of the soul. In Greek the word for soul and air were synonymous: pneuma. In the Vedas of India the vital principle, self, or soul was called ‘Atman’ or ‘Atmen’, which also means air and which is recognizable to us in an other Greek word fro air: ‘atmos’, from which we derive our word for the atmosphere.

Lotus Oasis Retreats offers unique type of Pranayama using a technique called, “The Nine Breath Method” or Tumo from the chinese tradition. This type of Breathe work is perhaps the most beneficial for the mind and body, because when you deal with the breathe, you are dealing not only with the incoming and outgoing air to the lungs, you are also dealing with the feelings that are produced through the Qi that surge through your body. You will learn how to sensitize yourself to the Qi, and allow it to flow unimpeded and effortlessly through you.

The goal of this circle is to energize your body, feel a connection to the ALL, experience bliss, ground oneself, and stimulate compassion. To awaken oneself to one’s true nature is to become fully conscious.

Breath Empowerment

This event is a FREE event. We do suggest a guided donation to help support the community

Reserve your spot. Limited space available! Bring a pillow.


9 Breathe Method Circle

Upcoming Calender of events:

22nd December, 2013 at Cafe of Life, 925 Hwy 3, Durango, Co81301

TBA at Cafe of Life, 925 Hwy 3, Durango, Co 81301

Time: 4:00-5:30am

Please call to reserve your spot

Call 970-799-8950 if you have questions.


Must Reserve your spot as seating is limited. Please make sure you don’t come on a full stomach.



Cost: Guided Donation

>> Please call for other upcoming date and location <<


Lotus Oasis
328 Jenkins Ranch Rd.
Durango, Colorado 81301
Retreats: (970) 799-8950

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