Emotional Healing


The Lotus Oasis team has turned their attention to the myriad of mental and emotional conditions that have seen an increase among our world in recent years.
These series of workshops and seminars offers practical advice on how to cope with the emotional effects of abuse, divorce, a death, painful loss or sadness individuals are experiencing [...]

Physical Wellness


The Lotus Oasis team know that physical wellness is more than a mask, or facade. Physical wellness is a balanced life-style that includes the integration of mind-body and spirit, and the awareness of the world around us.
Our series of physical wellness workshops, seminars and classes offers practical tools on how to create a balanced life-style [...]

Spiritual Awakening


To be fully awake and enlightened simply means to be fully present in the moment of now. To be present is the simplest thing. It is your natural state.
If you have always craved inner spiritual wisdom and outer material prosperity, but life's daily grind has kept you held down and repressed, this could be the [...]

Balance ~ Heal ~ Transform

At Lotus Oasis Retreats our intention is to support individuals to embrace their optimal level of wellbeing and to lead a happier more joyful life. To obtain this optimal level of wellbeing, an individual must have a common measure, or symmetry, between themselves and the world around them. This symmetry, or harmonious arrangement, is accomplished by balancing consumption of experiences through the all six senses. Everything around us is an experience waiting to be absorbed through our six senses. Having too much, or too little, of an experience can cause an imbalance in our lives and, in turn, create tremendous stress. Our stress-filled lives and our lack of skills for dispelling stress as it arises are the primary causes of emotional and physical health issues in today’s world. At Lotus Oasis we offer a wide variety of life-style classes, workshops and retreats in the US and abroad to help you learn to dissipate the stress in your life, not just manage it, and embrace your optimal level of wellbeing…

Namaste & Welcome To Lotus Oasis!

Lotus Oasis

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    About Us

    Lotus Oasis Wellness Destination Retreats is headquartered in Durango, Colorado, we offer a wide variety of wellness destination retreats, workshops, lectures and life style classes that enable individual to embrace their optimal level of well-being.
    Charlotte Lenssen opened the Lotus Oasis in 2008 with the intention of supporting people in creating their own path and finding [...]

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    Core Staff

    Charlotte Lenssen is the founder of Lotus Oasis Retreats. Charlotte is a Certified instructor in Qigong, Primordial Sound Meditation, Yoga, and Nine Breath Technique. With over 15 years of experience in the Healing Arts she understands that for an individual to embrace their optimal level of well-being they need to learn various types of mind-body [...]

  • yoga-n-meditation


    Lotus Oasis develops, coordinates and facilitates highly memorable and successful Destination Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Retreats both national and international locations.
    As a Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor herself, Charlotte Lenssen, Owner/Director of Lotus Oasis, is able to utilize her knowledge and yoga experiences when developing one of our destination retreats to ensure that every detail [...]

  • hands-air


    Lotus Oasis Retreats seeks committed individuals who aspire to create an enlightened community through working in a nurturing environment and serving and inspiring the guests who come to our facility.
    We are looking for both short and long-term instructors with skills in a variety of fields, including yoga, meditation, nutrition, Ayurveda, personal empowerment, relationship communication, human [...]

Lotus Oasis
328 Jenkins Ranch Rd.
Durango, Colorado 81301
Retreats: (970) 799-8950

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